]> [author note: Herbarium and types: TRTC; additional material at BPI, BUT, CUP, DAOM (personal collection), DPU (now at NY), FH, GH, IAC, MICH, NY, TRT, UC, W, WIS] [collector note: Ontario 1927-1952: BUT (500), CUP, IAC (Fungi), MICH (17 Lich.), TRTC (Crypt., orig.); Quebec (1938, 1941), Vermont (1951), New YOrk (1934-1952): MICH (1950), TRT (368), TRTC (Crypt., orig.); FH: collected with A. M. Henssen] Botany Cain, Roy Franklin Cain, Roy Franklin R. F. Cain Cain Cain, R. F. Cain, Roy F. Roy Franklin Cain 1906