]> Education history: Wabash College, Illinois, undergraduate 1920; University of Illinois: MS in 1922, PhD in 1924. Moved to California in 1925 to be a professor at the University of California (Southwood branch 1925-1929, Westwood 1929-1965). [collector note: California: BPI, CUP, DAOM, F, FH, ILLS, MICH, NY, PUR, RMS, UC, WSP, YU; Indiana: BPI, ILL, ILLS, WAB (currently at NY), Mexico (1932): BPI, CUP, DAOM, F, FH, LA, MICH, NY, PUR, UC] Botany Plunkett, Orda Allen Plunkett, Orda Allen O. A. Plunkett Plunkett Orda Allen Plunkett 1897 1975