]> Education: Studied RBG Kew 1979-1981); Ph.D. (1998; University of Reading; Thesis: Systematics of Actaea L. including Cimicifuga L. ex Wernisch. and Souliea Franch. (Ranunculaceae)). Research Fellowship: University of Reading (1998-2005). Publications: Systematics & phylogeny of tribe Actaeae. Phylogeny of Cyclamen L. Nomenclature of species in Actaea. Numerical paper on Actaea cimicifuga complex of species. Numerical paper on Actaea simplex complex of species. Coll. (China 1989, 1995; Mexico 1991; South Korea 1993; South Africa 1987, 1990): E, K, RNG (main), WSY; Living material at Chelsea Physic Garden, Chollipo Arboretum, and Green Farm. Example of Name Published: Salvia X jamensis J. Compton in Plantsman, 15(4): 204. 1994. Botany Compton, James A. Compton, James A. J. A. Compton J. Compton Compton, J. A. 1953