]> [author note: Herbarium and types: LP; additional material at B, F, GH, K, M (lichens), MO, MUM, NA, NY, PH, S, SI, SP, U, US, USFS. Asteraceae, phytogeography, Jujuy flora] [collector note: Asteraceae; Argentina 1928-x: A (182), B, F (613), GH, K, LP, M (lichens), MO, MVM, NA, NY, PH, S, SI, SP, U, US (453), USFS; Chile 1935-1936: BA, F, LP, NY; Herbarium LP. Son of Angel Cabrera] Botany Cabrera, Angel Lulio Cabrera, Angel Lulio A. L. Cabrera Cabrera Angel Lulio Cabrera Cabrera, Angel Lulio et alia 1908 1999