]> Reveal [author note: MARY; Linnaean collections, Polygonaceae (Eriogonum and related genera), floristics of W U.S. vascular plants] [collector note: Col. 1964-x in W. North America, mainly California, Nevada & Mexico, often et al. Duplicates: ALTA, ARIZ, ASC, ASU, BALT, BM, BRY, C, CAS, CIC, COLO, CS, DAAO, DAV, DS, DUKE, F, GH, ID, IDS, ILL, JEPS, K, KANU, KSC, LA, LL, MARY (orig.), MEX, MEXU, MICH, MIN, MO, MONT, MSC, NCU, NMC, NTS, NY, OKL, OKLA, OSC, P, PH, RENO, RM, RSA, SD, SMU, TEX, UAC, UC, US, UT, UTC, W, WIS, WS, WTU] Botany Reveal, James Lauritz Reveal, James Lauritz James L. Reveal Reveal James Lauritz Reveal 1941 2015