]> [author note: Herbarium and types: KSC (1896-1901), MO (1896-1901), MARY (1901-1946); additional material, esp. Poaceae, at US] [collector note: (Kan., Md., Mo., Va.,): DPU, KSC (orig. col. 1896-1901), MARY (orig. col. 1901-46), MO (orig. col. 1896-1901), NY, NYS, US. Worked at Missouri Botanical Garden, published on N. American Euphorbia. Mycologist at University of Maryland. Not to be confused with Jesse Baker Norton who also graduated from the Kansas State Agricutural College a year apart.] Botany Norton, John Bitting Smith Norton, John Bitting Smith J. B. S. Norton Norton Norton, J. B. S. 1872 1966