]> Example of Name Published: Alsine gayana Webb. ex Christ, Bot. Jahrb. 9: 109, 159. 1888. Author name usually cited as 'H.Christ'; sometimes as 'D. H. Christ' instead of Dr. H. Christ. [author note: Herbarium and types: BAS; additional material at AUT, B, BAS (conifers), BERN, F, FI, G, GH, K, L, MVH, P, WRSL] [collector note: Original collections and herbarium: BAS (exc. Pter.), P (Pter.); Algeria 1888: A, B, L; Canary Is. 1884: B (100), L; Europe 1856-1889: A, AUT, B, BAS, BERN, BRSL, F (221), G, K, L, MVH, P] Botany Christ, Konrad Hermann Heinrich Christ, Konrad Hermann Heinrich K. H. H. Christ Christ Christ, D. H. Christ, H. Christ, Hermann Konrad Hermann Heinrich Christ 1833 1933