]> The first name "Giacopo" is Italian, and its variations "Iacapo" and "Jacapo" are in other languages (vide TL2/Suppl.). [author note: Herbarium and types: S; addition material at B, CUP, FH, K (second set of herbarium), M, NY, PAD, PC, POR, TOR, TR] [collector note: Europe (mainly Italy, col. ± 1890-1922; B, CUP, K, L, NY, PAD, PC, POR, S, TOR, TR] Botany Bresadola, Giacopo Bresadola, Giacopo G. Bresadola Bres. Bresàdola Abbé Giacopo Bresadola Bresàdola, Iacapo Bresàdola, Jacapo Don Bresadola, Giacomo Giacopo Bresàdola 1847 1929