]> [author note: Herbarium and types: K; additional material at B, BM, E, FH, L, LE, M, MEL, MICH, NA. Also in Samoa and Gilbert and Ellice Islands] [collector note: Australia: K, M (lichens), MEL. New Zealand?: B (50 pterid.). Samoa (col. 1860-1865): B (64 pterid. and many bryo.), BM (r. 1889, 154 cryptogams), E, K (r. 1862-1890, 590 cryptogams), L (hepatics), LE (4), M (lichens), MEL, MICH (100 bryo.), NA. Mosses of Samoa, nos. 1-140, ±1867: FH (53)] Botany Powell, Thomas Powell, Thomas T. Powell Powell Rev. Thomas Powell Thomas Powell 1809 1887