]> Example of Name Published: Grias longirachis S. A. Mori & J. L. Clark (2000). Education: B.S. (University of Vermont; 1993); Ph. D. (George Washington University; 2005; Dissertation: Systematics of the neotropical plant genera Alloplectus and Glossoloma (Gesneriaceae: Episcieae). Research: Gesneriaceae; biodiversity of neotropical flora. [collector note: AAU, BOLV, BR, COL, E, F, GH, GUAY, HA, K, LOJA, LPB, MER, MO, NY, P, PMA, PORT, QCA, QCNE, SCZ, SEL, SRP, UC, UNA, US, USM, and VEN] Botany Clark, John Littner Clark, John Littner J. L. Clark John Littner Clark 1969