]> "German ethnologist, explorer, collector and author who traveled in Cameroon and Gabon between 1904 and 1917, collecting many Fang objects for the museum in Lubeck. Tessmann is the author of many articles and the definitive work, Die Pangwe, (1913). (+ photograph)" (vide http://www.randafricanart.com/Fang_an_epic_journey.html) [author note: Herbarium and types: B (mostly destroyed); additional material at A, BR, DPU, F, HBG, G, K, NY, PKDC, S, U] [collector note: Trop. W. Africa (mainly Fernando Po & Rio Muni (Spanish Guinea), col. ± 1904-10): B, HBG, K (r. 1910: ± 715 plants from Spanish Guinea & r. 1921: 185 plants from Cameroon), P.; Brazil (mainly Parana; col. 1936-1955): A, B, BR (col. 1937), kDPU, G, IBP, K, MBM, NY, PAR, PKDC, S, U (col. 1937); Peru (col. 1923-26): B, F, G, NY, S; Collection (W. Africa or South America): BR] Botany Tessmann, Günther Tessmann, Günther G. Tessmann Tessmann Günther Tessmann 1884 1969