]> [author note: Herbarium and types: K; additional material at BM (315 specimens from Roraima), LIV, NMW, MO, NOT, OXF, P, RNG] [collector note: Fiji (mainly Viti Levu near Nandarivatu, also near Suva; & Kandavu) (col. ± 1904-05): BM (e.g. r. 1929: 43 Pter., col. 1906), K; Great Britain: K (plants in herb. H. C. Watson); Guyana (col. 1879-85): BM, BRG, K, MO, P] Example of Name Published: [P example]: Alsophila macrosora Baker ex Thurn, Timehri 5: 211. 1886; [S example]: Crepinella gracilis Thurn, Timehri 5. 1886 Botany Thurn, Everard Ferdinand im Thurn, Everard Ferdinand im E. F. I. Thurn Thurn Everard Ferdinand Im Thurn Im Thurn, E. F. Thurn, Sir Everard Ferdinand im Im Thurn, Sir Everard Ferdinand 1852 1932