]> [author note: Director of the Leiden Rijksherbarium. Herbarium and types: L; second set at BO; types mainly at L, also BO, P; additional material at A, B, BM, BR, C, CAL, CGE, FI, FR, G, H, KIEL, LE, M, MA, MO, NSW, NY, P, STR, U, W] [collector note: Java: A, B, BM, BP, BR, BRSL, C, CAL, CGE, FI, FR, G-DC, KIEL, L, LE, M, MA, MO. NSW, NY, OXF, P, P-JU, S, U, W] Botany Blume, Carl(Karl) Ludwig von Blume, Carl(Karl) Ludwig von C. L. Blume Blume Carl Lodewijk von Blume Carl(Karl) Ludwig von Blume 1796 1862