]> [collector note: Herbarium: US (main part of herbarium). Africa: BOL, BR (6 bryo.), GH, US (3094, orig., Smithsonian African Exped.). East Africa; A, F (col. 1909, 132). Tropical Africa: (T. Roosevelt Exped.): BM (r. 1916). Ethiopia (col. 1911-1912): C. Kenya (1909): MO, US. Mexico: A (Baja California). L (col. 1892), US. Philippines (1906-1907, with W. I. Hutchinson): B, GH, MO, NY (musci), PNH (orig.), US (586). United States (probably SW): A, DS, MO, NY, US (5276, from various states, col. ± 1892-1894). New York (col. 1896): C, US. Rhode Island: GH, US. Wyoming: MIN. Yellowstone National Park (1902): C, L, US. Collections also at K, P] Botany Mearns, Edgar Alexander Mearns, Edgar Alexander E. A. Mearns 1856 1916