]> [author note: Herbarium and types: NEB; duplicates at DBN, E, K, MIN, MO, US] [collector note: North America: K (r. 1898), NEB, US; Mexico: DPU, MIN, MO (col. 1892), NY (Bryo.); Nebraska: DBN (Ph., col. 1892), E (col. 1889-92; also with R. Pound), MIN, NEB] Example of Name Published: Lophotocarpus calycinus J.G.Sm., Mem. Torrey Bot. Club 5: 25. 1894. Book publ (1942).: The big five [a brief history of Hawaii's largest firms]. TL-2 (5: 691. 1985) mentions "1925" as the death year. Botany Smith, Jared Gage Smith, Jared Gage J. G. Sm. J. G. Smith Jared Gage Smith 1866 1957