]> [author note: Herbarium and types: PE; additional material at A, B, BH, BM, E, LA, LCU, MO, N, NT, NY, PH, S, U, US] [collector note: Anhui (1925), Fujian (1924), Gansu (1923), Guangxi (1928), Sichuan (1936), Yunnan (1939), Zhejiang (National Geographic Society Central China Expedition, under the direction of F. R. Wulsin) (1924-1927). A (12,500), B, BH, BM, E (1000), GH, LA, LCU, LU (1200), MO, N (324), NF, NY (7090), S, US (3765, p.p. orig.), W (1051); Guangxi, PE (3400, orig.)] Botany Ching, Ren-Chang Ching, Ren-Chang R. C. Ching Ching Ren-Chang Ching, R. C. Ching 1898 1986