]> [collector note: 'Sprée, Thijs ('Theodor'), was born 28.12.1820 at Sneek (prov. Friesland) and forpassed 16.10.1870 at Veenwouden (prov. Friesland). He was medicinae doctor and married on 20.12.1849 at Leeuwarden Catharina Prouisette Sprée. They lived in Veenwouden (up to 1854), the estate 'De Boekhorst' at Klein Dochteren" (pers. comm. from Jan Hengstmengel); Collection: Java (col. 1847, by himself?): L (Musci); Netherlands: L (Alg., Fungi & Musci), MW, NMW (col. 1859)] Example of Names published: Dacrymyces succineus Sprée, Bot. Ztg. 22: 175 (1864) Botany Sprée, Thijs Sprée, Thijs T. Sprée Sprée Sprée, Theodor Thijs Sprée 1820 1870