]> "b. New York, 26 Dec 1911; d. New York, 31 Dec 1981. Specialist in taxonomic methodology, the genus Sedum. Monographer of the genus Botrychium and the family Ophioglossaceae as Ph.D. thesis. BA (1933), MS (1934), and PhD (1937), all from Cornell University. After various appointments at the L.H.Bailey Hortorium, 1935-1941, joined the Department of Botany as Assistant Professor of Botany, becoming Associate Professor 1944, and Professor in 1949. Also Curator of the Wiegand Herbarium, 1954. His title was changed to Professor of Biology in 1968, and he was awarded emeritus status in 1977. Clausen is probably unique in defining taxa statistically, based on large samples, with each dimensional character presented as means, upper and lower quartiles, and extremes. His achievements in such ground-breaking and painstaking work have never been properly acknowledged, as so often happens with innovators before their time." (vide B. Bates) [author note: Herbarium and types: BH (Crassulaceae), CU, MEXU, MO, NY, US] [collector note: CU (orig.), GH, MEXU, MO, NY (20), US] Botany Clausen, Robert Theodore Clausen, Robert Theodore R. T. Clausen Clausen, Robert Theodore et alia Robert Theodore Clausen 1911 1981