]> [author note: Herbarium and types: FR, MO, TRIN. Flora Mesoamericana. Portrait in: Fern Gaz. 16(1,2): 1. 2000] [collector note: FR, MO, TRIN. Portrait in: Fern Gaz. 16(1,2): 1. 2000]. Example of Names Published: Crassocephalum togoense C. D. Adams in J. W. African Sci. Assoc. 1(1): 27. 1954. Turnera zeasperma C. D. Adams in Phytologia 20(5): 313. 1970. research: Vascular plants of the Caribbean; ecology; phytogeography. Botany Adams, Charles Dennis Adams, Charles Dennis Chas. D. Adams C. D. Adams Adams, C. D. 1920 2005