]> Example of Name Published: Lagenocypsela Swenson & K. Bremer, Austral. Syst. Bot. 7(3): 270. 1994. Research: Systematics and historical biogeography in Sapotaceae, Asteraceae, and Nothofagaceae. [collector note: "The main collections are deposited in (priority order) S, NOU, P, and MO. However, collections are also deposited in A, BRI, CANB, CHR, HUH, L, K (all mainly types), MEL, PRE, and UPS." Collections were also made in: Crete, Juan Fernandez Islands & RĂ©union.] Botany Swenson, Ulf Swenson, Ulf U. Swenson Swenson Ulf Swenson 1959