]> [author note: Orchidaceae: E; Fl. Malesiana Bull. 13(4): 349ff. (2005)] [collector note: Original collections: E; British Isles (col. 1957-x): E (Bryo., Fungi, Lich. & vasc. plants).; Malaya & Sarawak (col. 1962 with B. L. Burtt); New Guinea (col. 1962 & col. 1968 with e.g. M. Black & C. E. Ridsdall); Malay Pen. & Java (col. 1968): E, L, LAE, and probably other herbaria; Spain (col. 1961 with D. Ratcliffe): E] Botany Woods, Patrick James Blythe Woods, Patrick James Blythe P. J. B. Woods P. Woods Patrick James Blythe Woods Woods, P. J. B. 1932 2004