]> [author note: Herbarium and types: BR, CR, US, VEN; duplicate material at A, AMES, B (extant), BH, BM, C, F, G, GH, K, L, LAU, LE, M, MO, NY, PC, PH, S, W, Z; Biography: B. Häsler & W. T. Baumann: Henri Pittier 1857- 1950. Leben und Werk eines Schweizer Naturforschers in den Neotropen. Basel: Friedrich Reinhardt, 2000. Judson Wood, jr.]] [collector note: Central and South America. Pittier did not collect with Th. A. Durand. Pittier did send plants to Durand for identification, and so on many labels of Pittier's Costa Rica plants Durand's name is mentioned also] Botany Pittier, Henri Francois Pittier, Henri Francois H. F. Pittier Pittier Henri Francois Pittier Henri Pittier Pittier de Fabrega 1857 1950