]> Example of Name Published: Acer schneiderianum Pax & K. Hoffmann, Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. Beih. 12: 435. 1922. [Some works cite 1931 as the death year and Käthe Rosenthal as a variant name; however, K. Rosenthal (b. 1893) and Käthe Hoffmann (b. 1883) are different individuals (see K. Rosenthal in Monographie der Gattung Daphniphyllum, 1916 (from: David Hollombe). Käthe Hoffmann was co-author with Pax of many plant names. There is an obituary for Pax in Revista Sudamerican de Botanica 7: 22-23 (1942) by K.Hoffmann. Botany Hoffmann, Käthe Hoffmann, Käthe K.Hoffm. K. Hoffmann Käthe Hoffmann Hoffmann, Kaethe 1883 1960 ?