]> [author note: Herbarium and types: LD; additional material at A, AMES, ANK, B (partly extant),BAF, BG, BM, BP, BR, BREM, C, CAL, CGE, COLO, CORD, CR, DBN, E, F, G, G-DC, GB, GH, GOET, GRO, HAC, HBG, IBF, ISC, JE, K, KIEL, L, LAU, LD, LE, LUB, LY, M, MANCH, MIN, MO, MSC, NSW, NY, O, OXF, P (very large set), PH, POM, PR, S, SI, STU, TB, TRIN, TU, U, UCWI, UPS, US, W, WB, WRSL, WU, Z.] [collector note: Many collections with "iter orientale"; B, BM, BP, BREM, C, F, GH, HBG, L, LE, M, NY, P, PR, S, US, W, WU] Botany Sintenis, Paul Ernst Emil Sintenis, Paul Ernst Emil P. E. E. Sintenis Sint. Sintenis Paul Ernst Emil Sintenis 1847 1907