]> [author note: Herbarium and types: MAINE, WELC (now at NY); additional material at B, BM, C, CM, FH, GB, GRI, M, MICH (fungi), NEBC, NY, PH, S] [collector note: California (1896): WELC; Jamaica (1905-1906): MICH (49 Lich.), NY (26 Musci); N.E. United States (Decades of North American Lichens, ed. 1892-1903, nos. 1-360): B, BM, C (300), CM (280), FH (compl.), GH, MICH, NEBC, NY, WELC] Botany Cummings, Clara Eaton Cummings, Clara Eaton C. E. Cummings Cumm. Cummings Clara Eaton Cummings 1855 1906