]> [author note: Travelled around the world in 1883. Herbarium and types: Surinam plants in many herbaria - F, FI, G, GENT (205), GOET, H, K, L, MO, P, U, UPS, W] [collector note: North America: P; South America (1842-1847): WRSL; Antilles: P; Surinam (1841-1864): AWH, B, C, CN, DR, F, FI, G, G-BOIS, GOET, H (exs. ed. Hohenacker), JE, K, KIEL, L, LE, LZ, M, MO, P, S, U, UPS, W, WB, WRSL; see Hohencker, R] Botany Kappler, August Kappler, August A. Kappler Kappl. Kappler August Kappler 1815 1887