]> [author note: Herbarium and types: G (ca. 11,000); additional material at B, (mostly destroyed), BM (11,920, with many unicates), BP, FH, G, K, M (many isotypes), MPU, NY, PR, PRC, W, WELT; obituary in: Hedwigia 68: 347-350. 1929] [collector note: Original herbarium: G; Hepaticae: B, BM (r. 1895 & 1896), BP (± 1850_, EGR, FH, H, K, M, MPU, NMW, NY, PC, PR, PRC, W, WELT.] Botany Stephani, Franz Stephani, Franz F. Stephani Steph. Stephani Franz Stephani 1842 1927