]> [author note: Herbarium and types: B (original collections nearly all destroyed; duplicate collections below 3500 may be at HBG, PRE, UPS; 3500-7200 at BM, HBG, K; above 7200 at A, BM, HBG, L; duplicates at B, BR, P; some algae at B] [collector note: all orig. collections from 4 German expeditions into Africa (1907-08, 1910-11, 1913, & 1928 (25,000 nos.) at B (mostly destroyed). 1) C. & E. Africa ("Deutschen Zentral-Afrika-Expedition 1907-1908", published in J. Mildbraed: Wiss. Erg. Deut. Zentr.-Afr. Exped., Bot.: 1-176, t. 1.16. 1910.): B, H, HBG, L, PRE, UPS, WRSL. 2) W. Africa (1910-11): B, BM, BR, H, HBG, WRSL; 3) Cameroons (1913 & 1928): A, B, BM?, K, MO, P, NY; 4) Togo Rep.: B (350); Collections (Africa): BR, NY] Botany Mildbraed, Gottfried Wilhelm Johannes Mildbraed, Gottfried Wilhelm Johannes G. W. J. Mildbraed Mildbr. Mildbraed Gottfried Wilhelm Johannes Mildbraed 1879 1954