]> [author note: Herbarium and types: PH (main portion), Scrophulariaceae 1911-1914 at PENN, collections with E. P. Killip and T. E. Hazen in Colombia at NY; additional specimens at A, AMES, B, BOG, CHARL, CM, COL, DS, F, GH, ILL, K, MO, NY, NYS, PENN, RM, SPAWH, TEX, US. Scrophularicaceae] [collector note: Collected widely in North and South America: A, F, GH, PH (original),] Botany Pennell, Francis Whittier Pennell, Francis Whittier F. W. Pennell Pennell Francis Whittier Pennell Pennell, F. W. 1886 1952