]> Son of F. A. Curtiss [author note: 'Curtiss, Allen Hiram' (vide TL-2); 'Curtiss, Allen Heirome' (author's tombstone); 'Curtiss, Allen Hierome' (author's will); Herbarium and types widley distributed, large sets at B, BM, DBN, G, GH, K (3,002), LCU, LE, M (lichens), MO, NY, P (1,250 pteridophytes), PH, S (diatoms), US (3,000), WRSL] [collector note: West Indies (1902-1905); Florida, Georgia, Virginia (1884-1899); Texas, Arkansas (1881-1886); A, B, BKL, BM, C, CAL, CM, CS, CU, DS, E, F, G, GB, GH, GRO, ILL, ISC, JE, K, KANU, KIEL, KSC, KY, L, LE, LCU, M, MANCH, MIN, MO, NY, NYS, OXF, P, S, SI, US, W, WELC, YU] Example of Names published: Chamaephoenix sargentii H.Wendl. ex Curtiss, Florida Farmer & Fruit Grower 1(8): 57 (1887) Botany Curtiss, Allen Hiram Curtiss, Allen Hiram A. H. Curtiss Curtiss Allen Hiram Curtiss Curtiss, Allen Heirome Curtiss, Allen Hierome 1845 1907