]> 1873: appointed as an Assistant Curator in Gray Herbarium; 1874-1892: Curator in Gray Herbarium; 1881-1884: Instructor in Phytogeography. [author note: Herbarium and types: GH, US (2,000 orig., King's Survey); additional material at B (mostly destroyed), FH (James), FI, K, NY, YU] [collector note: Guatemala: (col. 1885): F, FH, GH (orig.); United States: B (Charac.), FH (bryo.), FI, GH (orig., e.g. plants from King's Survey to Utah and Nevada, 1869; and plants from Montana, 1880) K (r. 1879-91), MANCH (phan.), MW, NA (plants from Montana), NY (plants from Utah and Nevada), OKLA, US (e.g. ±2000 orig. from King's Survey to Utah and Nevada in 1869), YU] Botany Watson, Sereno Watson, Sereno S. Watson Sereno Watson 1826 1892