]> [author note: Herbarium and types: GLAM (2,000 lichens, 7,000 mosses); additional material at BM (smaller part of orig. lichen herb.), BRI, CHR, DBN, E, GL, NMW, OFX, WELT] [collector note: Original Liches: BM, GLAM; Original Bryophytes: GLAM; Great Britain (mainly Scottish Highlands): BM (Musci & Lich.), DBN (Bryo.), E (Lich.), GL, NMW (Bryo. from Scotland, incl. Outer Hebrides), OXF (Musci & Hep.); Collections: BRI, CHR, WELT.] Botany Stirton, James Stirton, James J. Stirton Stirt. Stirton James Stirton 1833 1917