]> [author note: Herbarium and types: A, B (Guyana, mainly detroyed), BM, BR, CCGE, F, G, GH, GOET, K, MO, L, NY, OXF, P, UPS, US, W; Australian coll. at AB, K, E, HBG, LE, US, W] [collector note: Original collections: AD (Australian plants), B (plants from Guyana: mainly destroyed), K (Australian plants); Australia: B (r. 1851 & 1870), BR, E, FI, HBG, K, L, LE, MPU, US, W; Guyana (col. 1840-44; col. 1842 with his brother R. H. Schomburgk): B, BR, C, CGE, DR, F, FI, G, GOET, HBG, NY, U, UPS? W; Guyana (collections made by M. Richard or by Robert H. Schomburgk): AWH, COL.DPU, GH, TCD.] Botany Schomburgk, Moritz Richard Schomburgk, Moritz Richard M. R. Schomb. M. R. Schomburgk Moritz Richard Schomburgk 1811 1890