]> [collector note: Massachusetts: FH; collected also with Mrs Dodge] [from Occasional Papers of the Farlow Herbarium of Cryptogamic Botany, 19 (1987) by Anna M. M. Reid: Helen Evangeline Greenwood was born 1 July 1872 in Holden, Mass. As a child, she was told that she lacked an "ear for music" and this discouraged her from attending the State Normal School. Instead she enrolled in Wellesley College (1892- 1 896) and received a B.A. in botany. She was a Wellesley Scholar] Botany Greenwood, Helen Evangeline Greenwood, Helen Evangeline H. E. Greenwood Miss Helen Evangeline Greenwood Greenwood, H. E. Helen Evangeline Greenwood 1872 1953