]> [author note: Herbarium and types: NDG; additional material at A, B, BM, CGE, DS, F, G, GH, K, LE, MO, NMC, NY, OKLA, POM, UC, US, VT] [collector note: Original herbarium: ND (see Crovello, Taxon 19: 67. 1970 on computerization of the Greene herbarium. Arizona: CGE, K, POM. California (col. 1874, 1883-1915): B, BM, ND (orig.), POM, UC. Colorado (col. 1870-1873, 1875): F, GH, LE, MO, POM. New Mexico (col. 1877): F, GH, K, MO, POM. Washington (col. 1889): ND. "W. United States": A, DS, G, LCU, ND, NMC, NY, OKLA, POM, UC, US, VT. Baja California (Guadalupe Island), 1885; Manitoba ca. 1890] Botany Greene, Edward Lee Greene, Edward Lee E. L. Greene Greene Edward Lee Greene 1843 1915