]> [author note: Herbarium and types: PAD; Exsiccatae Myotheca Italica, nos. 1-1750 and 19 suppl. nos. 1897-1913 at BM, DAO, FH, L, M, MO, NY, PC, S] [collector note: Son of P. A. Saccardo; A, FT, MO; Myotheca italica nos. 1-1750 (+19), 1897-1913: BM (1200), BUC, DAO (1750), FH (1750), H, HBG, L, M, MO, NY (1750), PC, S, TLA (1750)] Botany Saccardo, Domenico Saccardo, Domenico D. Sacc. D. Saccardo Domenico Saccardo 1872 1952