]> "US physician, gynecologist, horticulturist, botanist, photographer & lecturer in New Jersey; BS in zoology at Cornell Univ, Ithaca, NY 1947; he & spouse crowned king & queen of Cactus Nuts at their first CSSA convention in Phoenix 1949; founding member & first pres of NY C&S Soc 1950; MD at NY Univ-Bellevue Medical Center 1952; explored in US, Mex, Kenya, Canary Islands, RSA, India, Namibia, Somalia, Togo, Sudan, Western Australia & Mada; researched on mechanisms of pollination in Stapeliads; IOS member 1980; CSSA Fellow 1981 & pres 1990-93; CSSA Special Service award 1995; spouse Beatrice [Bea] Mariam [née Krival] Barad" (vide Charles J. Staples (Email message)). [author note: Herbarium and types: HNT, P] [collector note: col. with J. J. Lavranos, G. James, M. Kimanch & S. Linden; HNT, P] Botany Barad, Gerald Samuel Barad, Gerald Samuel G. S. Barad Barad Dr. G. S. (Jerry) Barad Gerald Samuel Barad 1923