]> [author note: Herbarium and types: W; additional material A, BM, DUKE, LD, M, MSC, PAD (important set), STE-VB, US, WU; sets of Kryptogamie Exsiccatae at BM, BPI, C, COLO, DPU, FH, G, GJO, H, K, M, NY, O, P, PC, S, U, UC, W; sets of Lichenes Rariores Exsiccati at B (mostly destroyed), FH, TUR-V, W, WRSL] [collector note: Herbarium (mainly Lichens): W; Europe (mainly Austro-Hungary): DUKE, GJO, K, LD, M, NMW, PAD, PRC?, W, WU.] Botany Zahlbruckner, Alexander Zahlbruckner, Alexander A. Zahlbruckner Zahlbr. Zahlbruckner Alexander Zahlbruckner 1860 1938