]> [collector note: Indochina (col. 1875-1877): A, B, F, L, P, PC. Japan, Thailand: P, PC. Eponyms: Stixis harmandiana Pierre (1887); Harmandia Pierre ex Baill. (1889); Harmandiella Costantin (1912). [The Index Herb.-Collectors (M) lists "Lichenes in Lotharingia: B, GB, KIEL, L, PC, S. Lichenes Gallici Rariores Exsiccati: ANGUC, B, DIN, L, MSTR, NTM, O, PC, W. Guide Élémentaire du Lichénologue: private" for F. J. Harmand, but the Lichen collections and book belong to J. H. A. J. Harmand (vide Lotte Burkhardt (B)] Botany Harmand, Francois Jules Harmand, Francois Jules F. J. Harmand Francois Jules Harmand 1845 1921