]> [author note: Herbarium and types: A] [collector note: Caucasus, Manchuria, Siberia, Turkestan; A (orig.?), B, K, CM, DS, F, GH, ILL, NA, NY, P, MO] Drowned in Chang Jiang (Yangtze)] Example of Name Published: Salix eucalyptoides F. N. Meijer ex C. K. Schneider, Pl. Wilson. (Sargent) 3(1): 99. 1916. Born "Meijer" in Amsterdam changed to "Meyer" in 1908 when became a U.S. citizen. Botany Meyer, Frank Nicholas Meyer, Frank Nicholas F.N.Meyer F. N. Meyer Frank Nicholas Meyer Meijer, Frans Nicholaas Meyer, Frans Nicholas 1875 1918