]> Ben Tan 9b8a0c16b0758e0d87b6c2ed3cf62cd06ef7e4ae Retired and moved to California from Singapore (SINU) in October 2013. [collection: B, FH, H, SINU, UBC + Los BaƱos] Example of Name Published: Oedicladium pseudorufescens (Hampe) B.C.Tan & Mohamed, Bryologist 91: 32. 1988 (B example); Selaginella antimonanensis B.C.Tan & Jermy, Fern Gaz. 12(3): 170. 1981 (P example) Botany Tan, Benito Ching Tan, Benito Ching B.C.Tan B. C. Tan Ben Ching Tan 1947 2016