]> [collector note: Sumatra (N. Sumatra & E. Coast); A (ca. 2500), AMES (Orch.), BR, C, E, GH (60), L (r. 1957), LE, MICH (more than 10000 orig.), NY, S (616), UC, US (2645); collector for H.H. Bartlett; he (in Univ. Philipp. Nat. & Appl. Sci. Bull. 4: 211-323. 1935) mentioned that "Rahmat's marga (marriage sept) name appears erroneously up to 1933 as Si Torres, as it was mistakenly entered in the writer's notebook from the village tax list, another Rahmat's name being taken down. Rahmat has recently informed me that he belongs to Si Boeea, and suggest that all of his collection numbers be cited with this name, or as Rahmat only. I greatly regret the error." - information provided by Rich Rabeler (MICH)] Botany Rahmat Si Boeea Rahmat Si Boeea Wrongly as Rahmat Si Toroes