]> "Although lacking even a high school education, Virginius Chase trained himself in botany, and became widely known for his contributions to the natural history of plants. The late Dr. Agnes Chase, Agrostologist of the Smithsonian Instinuion, was his aunt, and was influential in guiding his early attempts to identify plants. His collections numbering some 15,000 sheets covered areas from the mid-western United States, the South Dakota Badlands and Black Hills, Yellowstone Park, what is now Craters of the Moon National Monument, and into Nuevo Leon, Mexico ... held an honorary M.A. degree (1949) from Kenyon College, and an honorary D.Sc. (1950) by Bradley University" (wide web info). [collector note: Unites States 1898-1947: DS, F, GH, IA (140), ILL, L, LUNDELL, MIN, MO, NY, NYS, US; Mexico (1939): F (698), MO, NY, US (169)] Botany Chase, Virginius Heber Chase, Virginius Heber V. H. Chase 1876 1966