]> ; vide Underwood, L. M. [author note: Herbarium and types: US (15,000 cryptogams); additional material at BPI, DPU, FH, GH, MO, NY, PH (hepatics), WELC (now at NY)] [collector note: Original coll. from America and Africa: US (incl. 15.000 Crypt.); Colombia (Cauca, 1913): US; Costa Rica: GH, US (orig.); Guatemala: US (orig.); Haiti: US (orig.); Liberia (1892-1895): GH, MO, US (5000, orig.); Mexico: MO, US; District of Columbia, New York: BPI, K (82)] Botany Cook, Orator Fuller Cook, Orator Fuller O. F. Cook Orator Fuller Cook Cook, O. F. Cook, Orator Fuller et alia 1867 1949