]> Ph.D. (University of Wageningen, 2008); M.Sc. (University of Montpellier II, 2003); B.Sc. (University of Montpellier II, 2002); Research: Tropical botany, Palms, Annonaceae. Molecular systematics and evolution of plants. "Born in Canberra, Australia … moved from country to country: Switzerland (1985) … Ecuador (1994) … France (1997-2003) …Netherlands (2004-2008) … Germany (2008-)" (vide Curriculum Vitae, p. 294; http://library.wur.nl/wda/dissertations/dis4423.pdf) [collector note: First collector: Tanzania (2006) 104 collections; Second collector: Gabon (2005) and Cameroon (2007); DSM, MO, WAG] Botany Couvreur, Thomas Louis Peter Couvreur, Thomas Louis Peter T. L. P. Couvreur Couvreur Thomas Louis Peter Couvreur 1979