]> [author note: Herbarium and types: BM (170,000, including J. J. Roemer herb.; other material mostly duplicates ex herbarium at AK, BERN, CGE, DBN, DPU, E, EBH, FI, FRS, G, K, KIEL, L, MANCH, NEU, NMW, OXF, PH, U, W] [collector note: Original herbarium (worldwide; mainly col. by others): BM (r. 1877); collections (mainly plants ex herb., p.p. also relevant to col.'s mentioned above): BERN, DUP, E, G, GH, K, L, U, W (Orch.); see Moggridge, J. T.] Botany Shuttleworth, Robert James Shuttleworth, Robert James R. J. Shuttleworth Shuttlew. Shuttleworth Robert James Shuttleworth 1810 1874