]> [author note: Herbarium and types: original moss herbarium: BM; additional material at BERN, BR, BUF, C, CGE, DBN, DPU, E, FH, G, GOET, H, HAL, KIEL, L, LIV, M, MANCH (important set), MASS, MPU, MW, NY, OXF, PC, QK, S, STR, TL, W, WRSL] [collector note: Father of A. F. W. Schimper; cousin of G. H. & Karl F. Schimper] Botany Schimper, Wilhelm Philipp Schimper, Wilhelm Philipp W. P. Schimper Schimp. Schimper Schimper, W. P. Wilhelm Philipp Schimper 1808 1880