]> [author note: Herbarium and types: VER (Cecidia and hepatics); important specimens also at BM, FI, H, L, PAD, VEN] [collector note: Herbarium cecidiologicum and Herb. hepaticologicum: VER; Italy: BASSA, BM, BP, C (col. 1888, Fungi) CGE, E, G, H, K (r. 1878-83; 151 Hep.), MANCH; collections: PAD (r. before 1925; mycol. types), TO (Musci & Hep.).] Botany Massalongo, Caro Benigno Massalongo, Caro Benigno C. B. Massalongo C. Massal. C. Massalongo Caro Benigno Massalongo 1852 1928