]> [author note: Herbarium and types: B; additional material at AK, ANK, BHU, BHUPM, BM, BP, BUC, DBN, E, G, GE, GH, HBG, IBF, JE, K, L, LD, LE, LY, M, MANCH, MO, OXF, P, PC, PH, PRC, S, STU, US, W, WB, WU, WRSL] [collector note: Collected widely in Europe and Middle East. Asia Minor: col. 1886-1889, 1899, 1906, 1929): A, ANK, B (±1000), BM (1083), BP, BRSL, E, G (850), GB, GE, GH, GOET, HBG, JE, K, L, LD, LE, LY, M, MANCH, MO, OXF, P (900), PC, S, US, W (6400). Austria: A, B, JE, LE. Bulgaria (1886): A, B, BM, BP, JE, LE, LY. Canary Islands (1900-1901): B (3000), BM, BRSL (1600), HBG, JE, L, LD, LE, M, MO, P (292), S (476), S-PA, U (Bryo.), UPS (lichens), W. Dalmatia (1911): JE. Egypt (1908): BM, BP, BRSL, GB, E, JE, LE, S, W (249). Germany (1885-1914): A, B, GB (350), JE, KIEL, LD (fungi). Greece (1886, 1926): A, B, BM, BP, JE, K, LD (650), LE, W. Ionic Islands (1926): B, JE, LD. Israel (Palestine; 1891-1893, 1897): A, JE. Italy (1924): A, B, BM, JE, K. Kurdistan (1891-1893): B, GB, HBG, JE, L, LY, MANCH, OXF, P. Macaronesia (1901): JE. Macedonia (1917-1918): B, BP, JE, KIEL. Madeira (1900): B, BRSL, HBG, JE, LD, MO, P (501), S. Mesopotamia (1891-1893): B, GB, HBG, JE, L, MANCH, OXF, P. Norway (1903): JE. Iran (Persia; 1891-1893): A, B, BM, BP, BRSL, C (100), E, G, GB, HBG, K, L, LY, M, MANCH, OXF, P, PC (fungi), S, US. Romania (Transsylvania, Tatra; 1912): B, JE, L. Serbia (1887-1888): A, B, BM, JE, LE, LY; (1917-1918): JE. Switzerland: B. Syria, Lebanon (1893, 1897, 1910): A, B, BP, BRSL, G, GB, GE, HBG, K, L, LE, LY, MANCH, P (602), S, US. Tripoli, Cyrenaica (1933): B, BP, GH, JE, K. Turkestan, Boekhara (1913): JE. Yugoslavia (1886-1889, 1932): B, BP, IBF, JE, L, LE, US, W] Botany Bornmüller, Joseph Friedrich Nicolaus Bornmüller, Joseph Friedrich Nicolaus J. F. N. Bornmüller Bornm. Bornmüller Joseph Friedrich Nicolaus Bornmüller 1862 1948