]> [author note: Herbarium and types: PI; additional material at A, AWH, BR, C, CGE, DBN, F, FI, GOET, MANCH, MW, US, W] [collector note: son of Gaetano Savi; Herbarium (mainly Italy): PI, France: CGE, Italy (mainly Tuscany): A, AWH, BR, C (col. 1841-57), DBN (Ph., col. 1860), F (col. 1857-64), FI (col. 1840-43; also plants from Elba), GOET (col. ± 1838-39), MANCH, MW, NMW (col. 1857-61), PH (col. ± 1845-61), W?] Botany Savi, Pietro Savi, Pietro P. Savi Pi. Savi Pietro Savi Savi, P. 1811 1871